We provide lots of facilities and benefits for you here at YourHive. Have a close look now and enjoy later.

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Real working environment in London

We believe environment is a core factor to grow your business. We provide high quality, flexible office and coworking spaces for you.

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London is still one of the busiest capitals in the world and it is known for its innovation, culture and diversity. This is certainly reflected at Your Hive London where we have purposely created an atmosphere which allows businesses to think outside the box, grow new ventures as well as time to collaborate with teams and pioneer exciting new projects.

Our aim is not just to provide a service but a whole business experience, one where our clients receive a first-class service throughout their time with us. Be it short term or long term we treat all our customers with the same care and consideration. No business is too big or too small.

Finding suitable office space in London, or even East London is no small feat. There are several factors to consider: how long will the lease be, is furniture supplied, is there security, how good are the facilities, will there be enough desk space, and so on. At Your Hive London we take all the stress and worry out of the equation. Our terms are flexible, our prices are affordable, and we have the space you require for all your important meetings.

Included Amenities

Complementary Tea/coffee

We know you sometimes needed to get some refreshments. That’s why we provide complementary tea/coffee.

Printing and scanning facilities

We don’t want you to go outside for printing or scanning. You will get it here at YourHive for free.

24 hours access

In a premium agreement, you can access YourHive office 24 hours with any service.

Free but premium

facilities & Benefits in all services

There are some facilities and benefits that we provide free with all our services

Short term parking

We provide a parking spot for a short time for you.

Rest room

We have well decorated rest room for you.

Three-way Security

At YourHive, we take security very seriously.

Waiting area

YourHive have a comfortable waiting area for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Its normal to get some questions. Here are some common ones, if don’t find your question here, feel free to ask us.

It is a workspace system where a desk is used by different people at different times of the day. It could save your company money, desk space and even improve the wellbeing of your workers.

We accept all major cards like Visa or MasterCards as well as paypal payments. 

To cancel any service, just contact the YourHive authority.

Desk sahring is a service where you can share a desk with your friends or co-workers. 

No, there is no hidden charge on YourHive to enjoy our service.

We have a very suitable place where you can work, celebrate, enjoy your time. We provide all necessary equipments that you might need to make your working time better. That’s why YourHive is treated as the best working hub.


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