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129, Mile End Road White Chappel, London


  • Type: Desk Share

Opening Hours

  • Mon - Fri: 8:00 AM - 7:00 PM
  • Sat: 8:00 AM - 7:00 PM
  • Sun: 8:00 AM - 7:00 PM

About This Service

Do you have a project that you need collaborating on? Do you need to share ideas more effectively? Desk sharing may be your solution it is a perfect space for co-working with your team.


  • Wide range office unit
  • Lighting facilities
  • Fresh air facilities
  • multi users for each working desk
  • 1 individual table for 2 users
  • Internet, phone access
  • Kitchen/tea coffee as complimentary


7 benefits of desk sharing in 2021

Check the benefits

  • It creates new opportunities to collaborate. For e.g. if you are working on a project and you need individuals to sit togther, desk sharing will make space not only physically but creatively too!
  • It helps your workforce become more social. When you have your own table you may only speak to the person next to you. Or if you are in an office by yourself, you may only to speak to those who knock on your door. But sharing a desk with your team or other like minded people paves the way for you to get out of your comfort zone, connect with others and engage in conversation. If you are a Freelancer you might even make a new friend or even more exciting pick up new business.
  • It’s a reason to be tidier and cleaner. If you are only temporarily at a table you will not accumulate extra paperwork because you know when you‘ve finished you must leave the table nice and tidy.
  • It can help foster equality. There is no real hierachy at a table, yes someone may sit at the head of table but that doesn’t have to be the boss. This means anyone can sit anywhere and the focus shifts from leadership roles to actually getting the work done.
  • Desk sharing encouages flexibility. So often workers act like they own space in the office when they don’t. This way they are reminded everything is shared, even the table.
  • It is a great way to stay focused. When you sit by yourself there is a tendancy to daydream, look at the window, and basically waste time. If you share a table, you definitely need to concentrate, either on yur own work or the converstaion you are having with your colleague.
  • Finally, and probably most importantly it saves money and space. Due to Covid there has been a huge shift in working patterns. Even though some workers have returned to the office, others are still working from home or are working on a shift basis. That leaves a lot of desks sitting empty. A good way to utilise office space would be to desk share.


  • Normally: £75.00
  • Weekends (Sat & Sun): £85.00
  • Allow additional guests: No
  • Minimum number of hours: 1

Terms & rules

  • Smoking allowed: No
  • Pets allowed: Yes
  • Party allowed: No
  • Children allowed: Yes
  • Cancellation Policy
  • Flexible
  • Additional rules information
  • All services, terms & condition are subjects to change. YourHive authority can change it any time with any prior notice.

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