We ensure high quality working environments to our clients with a flexible and extremely comfortable contract.

Hot Desk

Are you looking for convenience? Do you need a flexible workspace with unlimited access? If your answer is yes, then renting a hot desk space as an individual or a team may be the best option for you. Hot desk renting allows you to hire a desk or workstation in a co-working space, where you can choose any seat to sit and work.

Venue Hire

Do you have an upcoming event? Do you need an eloquent space in London to impressive your guests? You can rent out space for a variety of events, including meetups and workplace gatherings.

Meeting Room

Our conference room is conveniently located and styled to impress and inspire. It is an easy to book, well-kept conference room that seats 8 to 10 people. Fast Wi-Fi is available with easy connections. Ideal for team catch ups, client meetings or board meetings.

Virtual Office

Just give us a postal address where your letters should be delivered. Our facilities can be used by businesses to set up a simulated workspace. We are HMRC licensed and obey HMRC regulations and as a result, virtual consumers have confidence in our business.

Desk Share

Do you have a project that you need collaborating on? Do you need to share ideas more effectively? Desk sharing may be your solution it is a perfect space for co-working with your team.

How it works

Book a service at YourHive is extremely easy and you can do it with few single steps.


Pick A Service

We provide lots of service here at YourHive. You can pick what you needed.


Pay the bills

After selecting the service, just pay the bills via card or paypal. You can pay cash too.


Enjoy service

When you pick a service and paid the bill, you are ready to enjoy YourHive.

Why Yourhive

There are lots of reason to choose YourHive as your working destination. Here we pick some. 


One of the best part of YourHive is its flexibility. There are lots of services by YourHive and you mix and match.

Drinks & Snacks

While being very busy doing your tasks at YourHive, we provide complementary drinks and snacks.

Pay when you need

YourHive brings a great opportunity for you. You can avail it when needed, don't need to pay for the year or even month.

Cool & Secure Environment

At YourHive we have CCTV throughout the building as well as three-way security, so you always feel safe.

Features & Benefits

facilities & Benefits in all services

There are some facilities and benefits that we provide free with all our services

Short time Parking

We provide a parking spot for a short time for you.

Rest Room

We have well decorated rest room for you.

Three-way Security

At YourHive, we take security very seriously.

Waiting Area

YourHive have a comfortable waiting area for you.

User Reviews

Don’t take only our own words. Check out what our clients say about working at YourHive.

Join now and work in your own way

Your Hive could be the best place where you spend your day!

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